A new way of living – a creative eco-village near Stockholm, Sweden

Blueheart Project is a fund raising foundation with the goal to build Blueheart Center. This place will be a creative center with the possibility to live for free and just focus on your creative side. An opportunity to test and develope skills no matter the economic capacity of the individual.

The basic idea is that the product of any given individual who practice what she has talent for and enjoys doing can be monetized, given that the individual is given time and resources to develope. This gives income to the center. With the self-actualization comes the enthusiasm.

– Mikael Olsson, founder Blueheart Project

Create, develope, participate

And you are welcome to live and stay, have fun and improve us and improve yourself and enjoy life in a different way – may it be for a while or for a long time.

Blueheart Center will be available for residents, for participants and guests. Residents live and run the center, participants are a part of the project but not on a daily basis and do not permanently live there. Guests pay for the stay or just join a course or event. Actually everyone are welcome to check us out.

Examples of what you can do at Blueheart Center

  • Design jewellery
  • Food cooking
  • Paintings
  • Cultivate
  • Help out developing the Center
  • Arrange gatherings/Play music (DJ’s)
  • Arrange courses/workshops/seminars


We also welcome guests. Some people might just want to stay other reasons – and not be a part of the creative Blueheart Center in that way or might just want to check out this way of living. As a guest you pay for your stay instead of creating. All income goes to the residents at Blueheart Center and further improving the research village community.


To lift mankind to the next level of being.

By taking the best out of our modern times and mix that with ancient wisdom from folks and tribes around the world. Everything in symbiosis with our society.


The products and services the people at the center create are sold and monetized, the income goes to the center. There will be a store at the center (as well as online) where guests can buy what is crafted and offered. The income a resident generates will go both to the crafter and the center.