Research & Developement

Below a few activites that we are planning to research around. Challenges has a nature of finding new areas to research around (Very rarely a innovation serves the first intended purpose). To describe our goal generally it would be to improve and research everything that can improve our life and creating value for our surroundings. The activities will be documented a discussed around and available to the public on the web.

Research and developement plans

ZERO-waste vision

“The garbage lacking society” is a part of the bigger picture where everything is reused, recycled or reinnovated by sustainable means. It’s about taking care of everything ranging from our own poo to be able to create something useful out of wrappings and plastic waste.

This is being documented and every month we will publish numbers on the amount of garbage, we aim to step by step improving and find uses of the waste and estimate to be completely waste-less in 6 years.

Society will benefit from our ideas and ways of improving.

Energywise selfmaintaining

Our permaculture should be able to maintin itself energywise from sources at the center and it’s surroundings. Passive houses, solar energy, earth energy and creative methods.

Month by month improvements, published on the web.

Talent in focus

We will document the developement of individuals where anyone can follow their improvements. Publihing movie clips, photos, and art work.

By publishing the income from the products of these individuals it comes interesting to follow the progress.


Everything should have a function, be useful in some way. At the same time it should be beautiful – like a piece of art, a blessing for the sences.

Lets call it Beneusiful from Beautiful, Benefit and Useful?

A really good example on this is a “eatable gardens”, where the herbs and vegetables together create a nice environment, a park or a recreational area. At the same time the garden can be eaten from and by arraning the herbs and plants in patterns and placing trees in a certain way we can also create mosquito free areas, stopping the wind, making quiet areas and much more.

This is a principle that can be used everywhere, from the smallest to the biggest, when building houses when designing shoes. All the time improving.

Goals around the gardens

The garden will create social areas and opportunities. It should have a positive impact on climate change, increase biodiversity and provide opportunities for training and be pleasant to live in. The garden will take use of permaculture , to take account of local circumstances and using local , renewable resources to create a cycle. Food production is the focus of the garden , but also medicinal plants and other plant species that can be used for animal feed, natural fertilizers , fuel and building materials . The garden provides raw materials to those who practice the art of creating useful flavors in the kitchen and help menu is available for paying guests at the center’s restaurant.


Try different methods of cultivation which does not disturb nature , such as among the trees in the forest and adjacent to the joint surfaces so that they form a pleasant environment .

Giant greenhouse

A giant greenhouse in the center gives the opportunity to grow winter while providing a positive greenhouse effect. The greenhouse will be an oasis where tropical summer all year round. Here we grow our own coffee and takes care of palm trees on creating a friendly environment. Inside the greenhouse is guest accommodation and areas for activities, conference, party , events and café.

Here’s what it might look like inside the greenhouse.

Inspiration och bilder från där Anders och Rosemary i Brålanda nära sjön Vänern bor i ett hus som är byggt inuti ett gigantiskt växthus.


To bring water to all places is an interesting challenge . The center will strive to become self-sufficient even where , requiring proximity to natural water . Purification processes in a natural way ? Free from detergents in washing facilities and washing ?

Taking care of our elders

Instead of geriatric care. Here are things to get involved with . And pensioners who wish they could use me there in abundance – and will increase next year.

One of the central questions today is how welfare – pensions, health care , elderly care, must be met when the number of pensioners is increasing at a higher rate than the professionals . Today , it is 2.1 economically active persons per retiree . If current trends persist , it 2030 to go only 1.4 people per pensioner.


We can give older people a joy of life as they get other things to think about than his pension. The center will welcome seniors who want to contribute through experience and knowledge. Cooperation with the elderly.


Health aspects are one of our most important.

Participants’ health is improved by the freedom to create. Lack of daily stress. The closeness to nature. Locally grown food. Selected participants (if possible individuals with previous health problems) are documented and followed, both improvements physically and psychologically interesting to acquire new knowledge.

Deltagarnas hälsa förbättras genom friheten att skapa. Avsaknad av daglig stress. Närheten till naturen. Närodlade maten. Utvalda deltagare (om möjligt individer med tidigare hälsoproblem) dokumenteras och följs, både förbättringar fysiskt och psykiskt är intressanta att förvärva ny kunskap om.


Absence of nature can be one of the reasons. Lack of microorganisms. Can allergies be cured?

Every fourth child today has allergies . Research is clear that it is our living causes , whether the page is about hygiene hypothesis , lack of stimulation of the immune system or of some microorganisms in everyday life so the solution can be found in nature .

Our study should encourage public and publicly posted on the Web.

Se mer utförlig beskrivning. Allergi studie.

Vardiovascular diseases

Diet mainly based on vegetables dramatically reduces this type of diseases .


Diet mainly based on vegetables dramatically reduces this type of diseases .

Mental illness

The center is to assume people with diagnoses such as ADHD , Asperger’s , ADD , etc. Any cooperation with care to document the development may be necessary .

Eager thrill-seeking speedy individuals can come into their own. These people may have a super power with disease status. Often the problems that children , crime , substance abuse . By finding their excitement and risk taking in the public service tasks that they themselves come to be satisfied and they will be productive rather than a cost to society . Acrobatics, circus performers , fire-eaters to take a few examples of occupations that pushes the boundaries , dangerous , fast paced , risky – but enrich society instead of being a burden .

Borderline , depression , manic depression . The effect of meditation. Nature. Guidance.

Creativity by enthusiasm in harmony

Personal guidance , first, find the talent. How it can be used. Turning a vision. Combine with like individuals enjoy. Find the profession.

Individuals who do what they are passionate about making them happy and a natural desire to be better is present. Enthusiasm makes people hungry for new knowledge in their field and want to exuberant tell us about it . As in that Zlatan had probably played football even if he did not get paid. Product regardless of whether it is physical or service will get better quality when the individual is developed, it is faster , new methods , new features, new benefits . The rewards to be developed and do something fun all day is the greatest reward we can get and we can find models that work and spread the knowledge so it is invaluable to society.

Välj ett jobb du älskar och du kommer aldrig att behöva arbeta en dag i hela ditt liv.

– Konfucius

What happens when a group , society together going into the needs of the stairs last step ? ( Maslow ) . When together reach the stage of self-realization and enters want to realize others. (Mer om Maslows trappa

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