Notice regarding all things and creations we sell in our online store – we are closed during June and July and will not ship anything until August. You can still order but be aware of the delay.
Much love from us, and thanks for your patience. /Mikael from Blueheart Project

Welcome to our Online Store

All items sold and 100% of all money raised, will go to support our Blueheart Project. Of course, if you also wish to make a donation, then this will be very gratefully received!
You’ll find many handmade items in our store, all made with love, care and enthusiasm.
Some of the products we sell are not handmade but we consider them to fit the idea of our concept and/or have a useful purpose. For your guidance, all handmade items are clearly stated as such in the description.

Check out our legendary Blueheart Sunglasses for only 10 Euros, or simply buy a few words of wisdom for just 2 Euros!

Book your Blueheart Centre Membership, or give the project some Euros in exchange for a colourful, tailor-made portrait of yourself.

Rest assured that whatever you buy, you’ll be giving your helping hand to our Blueheart Project. And by doing this, you’ll feel really great that you’ve helped.
Thank you!

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