Foundation charter

Foundation charter for Blueheart Project

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Blueheart Project has a founder, Mikael Olsson (740215-xxxx). The undersigned hereby appoints to the money received after the appeal made at will form a foundation for the purpose as stated as below. The term Blueheart Project refers to the Foundation itself and to the physical site Blueheart Center as Blueheart Project to establish, operate and maintain.

The name of the Foundation

$ 1

The Foundation will be named “fundraising Blueheart Project”.

The Foundation’s seat

$ 2

Stockholm County, Sweden.

Foundation form

$ 3

The Foundation is a foundation which carries out non-profit nonprofit business.

The Foundation’s purpose

$ 4

Fundraising Blueheart Project shall by Blueheart promote Center find a new way for people to interact and live together in an environmentally sustainable manner and strive to get groups of people to be more effective in both work and leisure, and at the same time improving the quality of life and well-being of the group.

$ 5

Blueheart Project would like to highlight the following relationships: (1) How the level of a man’s will to create and be creative is affected by the environment and State of mind. (2) how human well-being is affected by that work together in medium-sized groups, and (3) how the effectiveness of some individuals is increased if they are free to choose employment and working hours.

The Foundation’s activities

$ 6

The Foundation intends to achieve its mission through the following business objects: (1) the founding of Blueheart Center. (2) scientific research and independent analysis. (3) Debate and advocacy. (4) Results of economic activities.


$ 7

All the activities of the Foundation are to promote public interest in the form of a development of an individual’s well-being, creativity and efficiency with sustainability as fundamental pillars.

$ 8

All the materials that the Foundation produces in the form of reports, analysis results, recommendations and practical tools will be available to the public free of charge.

Property regimes

$ 9

The Foundation shall apply for grants for the implementation of specific projects that meet the Foundation’s purpose. The Foundation will operate the business activities in which the things participants create are available to the public through physical store on Blueheart Center, traveling salesmen as well as via online shop. The Foundation will also organize courses and activities that spread the knowledge and lessons the participants possess and acquire.

$ 10

The Foundation can also apply for and receive grants for operations. Grants shall primarily be obtained from public agencies, foundations, and Government agencies. The Foundation may also receive contributions from private individuals, companies or other players as long as this is not likely to jeopardize the Foundation’s independence and credibility.

$ 11

Independent fundraising Blueheart Project is religiously and politically independent and should not concern itself with some private vested interests. The Foundation’s independence is fundamental and essential for its credibility with regard to the purpose of serving public purposes without their own profit.

$ 12

Capital shall be applied to Blueheart Center through fundraising, gifts, sales, sponsors and grants.

$ 13

The Foundation shall use the provided capital to start, operate and then improve Blueheart Center on the ways that promote research in people ways to interact.

Board of Directors

$ 14

The Governing Board shall consist of not less than three and not more than five members. A maximum of two alternate members may also be appointed. Board mandates shall apply until further notice with no specific term of Office. Extension and reduction of the number of members/alternates with accompanying his resignation may be issued, as the case may be, by the Board of Directors. At the members ‘/alternate departure appointed successor by the Board.

$ 15

The Board Chairman from among its members. The Board of Directors chooses inside or outside the other officers they consider necessary.

$ 16

To the Board may be paid reasonable compensation for using his membership on the Board the costs.

$ 17

The Foundation’s firm is signed by the Board of Directors designates.

$ 18

The Chairman shall ensure that meetings are held as needed and calls to these in writing or orally. The necessary documentation must accompany the notice in the case of major decisions.

$ 19

When the subject is the Board a quorum of at least three members present. Decisions are taken by a simple majority if not otherwise required by law. The Chairman has a casting vote in the event of a tie.

$ 20

At the meeting of the Foundation shall be Protocol shall be approved by the President together with the person or persons be appointed at any time. Minutes shall be kept in numerical sequence and keep in a reliable manner.

$ 21

Reasonable fee can be paid to anyone who adds significant time to push and spread the message of the Foundation. President determines the fee.


$ 22

Amendment of these rules may be adopted by a two-thirds majority, provided that the change is not inconsistent with the Foundation’s purpose in accordance with the Charter.

$ 23

The Foundation shall be subject to supervision according to law (1929:116) on the supervision of foundations.

$ 24

The Foundation can be dissolved if application is made by the Board in accordance with the rules then in force. In this context, decreed on the Foundation’s assets should continue to be made in the memorandum identified purposes. Petition for dissolution shall be preceded by a decision to that effect, taken by at least 2/3 majority vote at two meetings in a row with at least 30 days apart.

Audit and annual report

$ 25

The business ‘ shall draw up the annual report and audited by a certified public accountant once a year.

$ 26

The Management Board shall, in the management of the Foundation’s assets to ensure that its property is stored on fully satisfactory way and that the assets serve its purpose.

$ 27

The Foundation’s capital, sales, revenues and expenses to be reported publicly and transparently.

$ 28

Of stiftaren authorised public accountant/substitute fulfills his duties until further notice. Successor is appointed by the Board of Directors.

$ 29

Of the Foundation shall be the necessary accounts. Fiscal year shall be the calendar year.

$ 30

By 1 March at the latest, the Board’s annual report and previous annual accounts submitted to the Foundation’s auditor, which within one month shall give the auditor stating whether or not the Board managed the Foundation in accordance with the regulations, good stiftelsesed and applicable legislation. Management and audit reports shall be forwarded to the County Administrative Board of Stockholm.

Stockholm, 2015-02-11


Mikael Olsson