Can you craft something? Make a piece of artwork as a gift to Blueheart Project! We will then try to sell it in our webshop as a fundraising activity. All your handmade things are welcome! If they don’t sell they will serve as excellent memories.

Anything that you made by hand will serve and make us happy

Blueheart Store is open and will sell items that are nice and for promoting our project but also items and tools that are really useful for creative people.

Artwork or gifts from you. You give an item you have made (preferably handmade) and we put it up for sale in the webshop. The entire amount goes to the project ofcourse. This is really cool because it gives us the possibility the test the concept a little but in a different manner. All gifts will be published and the donors will be visible on a Hall of Fame page.

Send us an E-Mail with some pictures and description of the item to as soon as possible.

Give us something handmade 2015-10-10