March 2017

Had a boardmeeting and set date 23 september for the next gathering we will host.

The board agreed on setting a new realistic date for opening the center to summer 2019.

January 2017

We will hold an info-meeting the 21:st January 2017 in Stockholm. Feel free to join, check our Facebook event for more info. >>


November 2016. We went to Auroville in India to discover how they got their collaborative village and society to work. Blog update available in swedish here. >>


Look at these lovely houses. I went to a course held by in June 2016 to learn how to build a nice and cozy house from scratch. It is not as hard as you might think. Link: EkoBygg on Faxebook.

Actually, you can do it just by digging up mud (about 40 cm down there are almost always rich muc in Sweden thanks to the iceages). This mixed with hay, sand and horseshit can be very strong and the house we build on looked like this.





Manifestation for #RättAttDansa

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