The project itself is quite unique and the result can be just as revolutionary for humanity as when our stone age ancestors evolved from hunters – gatherers to begin to cultivate the land and become permanent residents.

Four phases

The different project phases

Phase I

Fundraising activities

All sort of fund raising activities. Donations from the public. Savings from the participants. Organisations who can contribute to be contacted. applications for funds from EU. Selling products in the online store.





Phase II

Initiating and preparing the land

Starts when we acquired the farmyard, or land, to build the center on. Planning of facilities, houses. Water. Energy. The second phase ends when a certain number of participants are able to permanently live at the center.

Phase III

Getting settled

Open up for applications and accepting residents. The phase is completed when all nessesary tasks in order to maintain the center are covered by the residents. Max number of residents should not be above 120 at any time.

Phase IV

Research and developement

All activites are documented and discussed around made available to the public and published on the web. Media presens. Debate. Seminars. Spreading and exchaninging experiences. Improving the processes at the center.

Focus on talent

Documenting the developement of the individuals and how the products the create comes better and better. Photos and movieclips are recorded every week and put together for comparison and made available to everyone on the web. The public can follow the progress and at any time bid on any product. This gives us a possibility to see how far we are from generating the “status quo” income.