Guests are welcome too

Anyone can actually enter Blueheart Center once it is up and running. There will be a restaurant open to the public, and the activities can be attended by visitors for a one-time fee.

Journalist and media are welcome to visit us and document the progress, friends and family can come and stay. Neighbours and curious people can come and check us out. Basically everyone can come as a guest. There will be guesthouses so guests can stay övernight and a few days if they like. Some guests will come for lunch at the restaurant, other guests will attend classes or seminars. During succesfull events and conferences the place will be crowded with visitors. In other words – this place is going to be as open and welcomming as it possibly can.

How much do you want to get involved?

Become a supporting member or would you like to participate a little more and be a part of Blueheart Project?


member-cardsTo sign up as member is to support the project without getting involved. Members will be able to enter and participate in events and festivals held at Blueheart Center. Signing up as a member is the perfect way to show your support! Because you want to see this project become reality, and you want to participate in some way but when you can and when you want. You can already become a member!  Get your member card here and support us at the same time.


member-cards-honored-300x300Would you like to be a part of Blueheart Project, but not as resident? Spend time helping us build Blueheart Center when you can and when you want too. Be able to attend gatherings, events, courses or just drop by when you like?  Learn more about being an ambassadeur.


member-cards-sapphireTo be a resident means that you become a part of Blueheart Centers permaculture. Around 80 persons, maximum 120, should be able to live here once the center opens up.  Read about how to become resident here.

Guests 2015-06-23