Donation to save the planet by permaculture

Donation to save the planet by permaculture


Donating for a cause – save the planet by permaculture

We believe in making a change by rethinking how life has to be. It’s simple – if we want to provide a planet for our children then we have to take care of the earth, and that is only possible if we change the way we live. We are going to find out how – because there is another way. Similiar to what happened ages ago – when mankind started to cultivate and build places o live, instead of being gatherers and hunters.

100% of your donations goes to this cause, and you can monitor the progress on our financial status page here on this website.

To save the earth

  • We have to travel less by polluting vehicles
  • We have to start eating better, wiser and less
  • We can’t keep on transporting cheap components around the globe for remorseless consumption
  • Profit and money making should have lower priority for corporations
  • How successfull you are should be measured more by your skill – not your wealth

Some solutions

  • Your work should be where you live – you save time and pollute less
  • There should be eatable gardens, fruits trees, vegetables and plants in the surroundings – saves both trips to the grocery store as well as transports and time
  • Locally produced and manufactured goods should be given priority


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